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  1. Free Website Designing.
  2. Free Website Development.
  3. Free Updating.

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  • Free Domain(1 Yr)
  • Free SSL Certificate.
  • Free Paid Version Theme(59$/yr).
  • Free Paid Version SEO Plugin(39$/yr).
  • Free Android Application.

Why do you spend 1000’s on your website? Let us do everything together, save your money.

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Let us design & develop your website together, no charges.

(Included: Free domain(‘.xyz’ only) with WordPress, Free SSL Certificate, Free Designing & Hosting,  Free Full featured theme, Free SEO Pro Plugin)

(Included: Domain(‘.xyz’ only) with WordPress, Free SSL Certificate,Free Android Application & uploading to playstore, Free Designing & Hosting,   Free Full featured theme, Free SEO Pro Plugin)

Website and online selling presence are an inevitable part of every business now a days. So now whoever decides to start business, definitely inquire about possibilities to get a website. And spend 1000's on it. Is it happened to you? Stop loosing your money today. We have the solution. Save your 1000's by choosing us. Let us design and update your website together. Secure your money & future. Stay together, solve everything and save money.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

Save 65%

Webzie™ & E-storz™
simplified website hosting & designing as much as we can.

 As internet is growing sky high, there are a lot opportunity to grow the business with use of a website. Most of the people don’t know, how to develop a good website. Let us give you the best suggestion. WordPress is the best option to develop a website. There are more than 100’s of languages and CMS to develop website. Among these all only WordPress is the leader, which already used by 30% of websites in the world. If you need to develop a website, choose our plan. We install latest version of WordPress for you. We give you full back-end, which helps you to develop. If you need you can hire some expert to design your website. Or if you need we design and develop for you.

Only Affordable way to own and run your Website.

Do you know? , you must have a good server to run a website very well. You may not noticed all the hosting companies have multiple hosting plans, which helps to upgrade, when our website is down. If you opt for a low cost server, you will be forced to upgrade to higher plans soon. This is the game, and the fact is what made us to upgrade to higher plan because we only know our website is down. A low cost server itself costs not less than 60$/ year.
Our plans allows you to pay for only what we use. Compare our pricing and features with any other companies and you will surprised that, you save more than 65% of your money.

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